Joining the communityIt's our plesure to have new Brothers and Sisters in our community who love to share their thoughts with each others


Written by: Ayman Teryaki
Date: 2023-01-07 20:22:34

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Who we are?

First, we need to explain that our online-software has nothing to do with any kind of political or religious groups even if its about a so called "religious" Book such as the Quran. For me it is what I call "The Book of Everything". Our prupose is to try understanding the world through it from some how a mathematical viewpoint.

Code 19 in the Quran! Why?

About the question, if there is a code related to the number 19 in the Quran, we say with confidence YES.
After researching the first calculations made by Dr. Rashad Khallifa in 1974, we found that ca. 95% of them are correct, we continued following the same or similar rules to find later hundreds of other proofs that the Quran is a universal and a unique Book.

Here under Subjects we like to introduce to you some of these calculations which done by a group of submitters from all around the world with the ability to test every single calculation

Why there are no diacritics in our version of the Holy Quran?

With one word, we say "Back To The Roots", to the origin where everything began!

Okay! If you are here to read and understand the Quran the way it should be, you're than very welcome and we are ready to answer for you the questions we know.
But if you think to find here the teachings of the old ancesters and the traditional schools of the islamic groups, than we're sorry to tell you that you're visiting the wrong site.
If you want to know who we are? We can tell you that we are as God ordered us to be "Submitters". We only accept and follow the Word of God as the law of the nature which HE created and knows what's inside it and what comes out of it.

Joining the Community

It's our plesure to have new Brothers and Sisters in our community who love to share their thoughts with each others.
So, if you like and:

  1. You have a subject to contribute
  2. Want to add a new interface translation or correct an existing one
  3. You have a new interface design or
  4. You are able to develope and help some how
  5. You like to follow us on RSS Feed to see the latest developments and the newest subjects
  6. Want to share positive vibrations, such as:
    • Good word/s,
    • Thoughts or
    • Suggest an idea
    • etc...

Please contact on my email:

Peace be upon you

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